No Six Will Shock You.

These are ten shocking world facts you probably never knew.

  1. Gorrilla History

The word “gorilla” was gotten from the Greek word  (Gorillai), which was initially a name given to an African tribe noted for having very hairy women amongst them, as recorded by Hanno during his many travels along the coast of Africa in 500 BCE. The name was then applied to the animal in 1847 by missionary Thomas Savage.

2. The Polish Man Who Became A Great English-language novelist

Despite the fact that he is acknowledged as one of the greatest English-language novelists of all time, Joseph Conrad wasn’t eloquent in English until he was in his early twenties. Even when he finally became proficient in English, he spoke it with a heavy Polish accent, being that he was from Poland. English was Conrad’s third language.

3. KFC’s Colonel Sanders Was Originally From Indiana, Not Kentucky

Colonel Sanders, the renowned founder of “Kentucky Fried Chicken” (who was 62 and also broke at the time when he tried convincing a restaurant owner to make that restaurant the first KFC) is often regarded as one of Kentucky’s most celebrated personality. However, it should be noted that he was born and raised in Indiana, not Kentucky.

4. The Amazing Angel Of The Gap Who Stopped Over 400 Suicides

An Australian man, Don Ritchie, in 2012 and at the age of 86, died suffering from cancer. For the last 45 years of his life, he lived across the street from the most notorious suicide point in Australia, known as “The Gap,” an ocean hill in eastern Sydney. During that period, Ritchie stopped a minimum of 160 persons(with the unofficial number reportedly being as high as 400 by his family) from taking their own life. How? For most, he simply gave them a heartwarming and welcoming smile, said his standard phrase, “Can I help you in any way?” and invited them into his house for a cup of tea and a friendly chit-chat. For others, he claimed he had to drag them physically away from the spot. Amusingly enough, this “Angel of the Gap” spent much of his adult life as an unofficial life insurance salesman. Amazing.

5. From Truck Driving To A Couple Of Oscars and Many Blockbuster Movies.

In the year 1974 and just a few years after dropping out of community college , famous Hollywood director, James Cameron found himself working as a truck driver. It wasn’t long when that all changed when he watched the Star Wars film in 1977. After seeing the movie, he decided to leave his day job and see what would stop him from not making it in the film industry. A couple of Oscars and numerous blockbuster movies later, we can safely conclude that Mr. James Cameron doesn’t regret his decision.

6. He Faked His Own Death and Got Miserable At The Outcome

A 45-year-old man from Bosnian named Amir Vehabovic faked his own death in 2007 because he wanted to know those that would attend his funeral ceremony and what they all have to say about him. It turns out inexplicably, though, that only one person would show up; his beloved mother. After this debacle, he wrote handfuls of angry letters to his so-called friends and telling them he is having second thoughts if their friendship is ever going to go forward.

7. Was Pope Francis Really Ever A Bouncer? Almost Unimaginable


In December of 2013, Pope Francis revealed that while he was a student, he worked as a bouncer at a Buenos Aires nightclub in Argentina.

8. The Voice Behind The Famous ‘Frozen’ Character Was Initially Paid Less Than $1k


Fifteen-year-old Spencer Lacey Ganus was initially paid just $926 to voice the character of the teenage Elsa in “Frozen.” The movie, of course, went on to gross over $1b. In the end, she was given an additional $10,000 extra, which she says she put in a college fund. Among her other major roles, as a toddler, Ganus also did the voicing of Ike Broflovski in several episodes of “South Park” which between 2002 to 2004.

9. Do You Have Arachibutyrophobi?

If you are afraid of peanut butter sticking to the roof of your mouth, then you are reported to have “Arachibutyrophobia.”

10. Origin Of Checkmate In Chess

According to the Barnhart Dictionary of Etymology, “checkmate” in chess was gotten from the Persian term “shah mat,” which literally means something to the effect of “the king is helpless/defeated.”