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Dear Expectant Mothers,

I totally understand how you feel when it comes to fertility and I will tell you why in a moment. But first I would like to ask you the following questions, have you tried to get have your own beautiful baby in your hand s but no sign yet?

Have you gone through various tests and still cant find the reason why you can not actually get pregnant?

Have you ever used any contraceptive drugs in the past or used some of the drugs such as “clomid” or contraceptives drugs such as “postinor”

Then you need to read this article as it concerns you if you really want to be able to conceive and have that beautiful baby wrapped in your arms..

My name is Elisha.

I’m a natural wellness consultant that has helped many women with various health issues including helping to boost fertility which is probably the reason you are reading this page now.

If you want to increase your chance of getting pregnant, then you are about to discover the natural process that would help increase your chance of getting that result.

Why Do I Need To Go Through This Natural Solution?


I need to educate you on why you have to actually go through what am about to explain to you. Just look at this statistics below

Now this rate is actually alarming because it is believed that the number of women going through the issues of infertility is way more than the estimated reach been revealed right inside this over 250,000 women.

Why do I say this?

From our health newsletter, there are tens of thousands of women who are having issues with infertility which is why we want to help as many people out of this situation to put a happy smile on their face.

Based on our research we have realized that over 90% of the women suffering from infertility had taken different types of drugs which has actually disrupt their natural fertility system thus complicating the issue of getting pregnant.

We discovered that due to the drug in-take, the body has accumulated them as TOXIN..

What makes up toxins in the body?

Drugs, contraceptive, junks, environment, foods pile up in our body system which clogs the pathway of allowing certain things to function such as in the case of infertility.

This is also responsible for why there is an increase threat with young women having fibroids that furthers complicate the issues. Thus there needs to do a full complete reset of the body. And this is the first step towards the right path to getting pregnant.

Fertility Detoxification!!!

Therefore, for you to actually get pregnant, you need to prepare your body first by going through what is called a fertility detoxification

It helps to reset and cleanse your entire body system, thereby making your fertility just as new as though you have never even touched it before. So here is what you need to know about this fertility cleansing process.

This fertility Detoxification helps to assist the body to actually remove all the excess hormones  which also support the uterus for optimal function together with the liver.

And as a result of this.

Lots of women having gone through this process has seen tangible results in their quest of having their own beautiful baby.

Many women have also discovered that their fertility hormones has been regularized and boosted in the process.

Going through the fertility cleansing detox plan, you are expected to have a perfect working reproductive system that actually helps you to prepare for pregnancy in the right naturally without any side effect.

Incredible Results from Our Moms!

Let me quickly share with you some of the happy mothers who has use this package before discussing the plan.




What Is Fertility Boost KIT?

This 100% Tested and Trusted Natural Solution known as Fertility Boost Kit Works wonder than you expect to cure women infertility. It contains natural Supplements that help you eliminate all toxins from the body and prepare the uterus for fertilization while also ensuring that the whole reproductive system is working perfectly and in the right state. FERTILITY BOOST KIT FOR WOMEN is made up of strictly natural ingredients without any side effect

National And International Endorsement

Approved by NAFDAC and Other International Bodies.

Natural Solutions To Women Infertility Problems including the following:

— Irregular Menstrual cycles
— Delayed Periods
— Endometriosis
— Blockage of the fallopian tube
— Ovarian cyst
— Miscarriages
— High prolactin
— Hormonal imbalances

What The KIT Will Do For You?

Here is what goes through you body when you make use of the detox box called C9.

Fertility Boost Kit Description

FERTILITY BOOST KIT is a Natural Fertility Health pack and it contains the following supplements:

BOOST KIT 1 (Fertility Cleanser/Toxin Removal). ₦33,500.00

FERTILITY CLEANSER FOR WOMEN is a Fertility Natural Supplement that helps you eliminate all toxins from the body and prepare the uterus for fertilization while also ensuring that the whole reproductive system is working perfectly and in the right state.

This kit contains

1 package of Clean 9

BOOST KIT 2 (Painful Menstrual Period). ₦25,500.00

This kit contains

1 Bottle of Aloe Berry Nectar
1 Bottle of Arctic Sea

BOOST KIT 3 (Irregular Menstrual cycles and Delayed Periods). ₦28,500

This kit contains

1 Bottle of Aloe Berry Nectar
1 Bottle of Bee Pollen
1 Bottle of  Golden Six


BOOST KIT 4 (Infertility due to Hormonal Imbalance). ₦33,500

Hormonal imbalance can lead to malfunctioning of vital organs in the body.

This kit contains

1 Bottle of Aloe Berry Nectar
1 Bottle of Royal Jelly
1 Bottle of Reishi


BOOST KIT 5 (Fallopian Tube Blockage). ₦39,500

Fallopian tube blockage is a major cause of female infertility. Blocked Fallopian tubes are unable to let the ovum and the sperm converge, thus making fertilization impossible.

BOOST KIT 6 (Removal of Fibroid). ₦34,900

Fibroid Removal Pack [FIBROID KIT] will help you completely eliminate all types of uterine Fibroid, reverse all related symptoms, and regain your natural inner balance in no time. FIBROID KIT is a Pack of Natural Supplements that helps to completely shrink and permanently get rid of Fibroid in the shortest possible time. FIBROID KIT has help many Nigeria women to successfully eliminate their Fibroid pain and other related symptoms, and get rid of their uterine Fibroid permanently in no time.

This kit contains

1 Bottle of Aloe Berry Nectar
1 Bottle of Lycium Plus
1 Bottle of Garcinia Plus
1 Bottle of Bee Propolis

BOOST KIT 7 (Miscarriage). ₦31,500

A miscarriage is the spontaneous loss of a fetus pregnancy before it is *viable. The medical term for miscarriage is “spontaneous abortion”. *A fetus is “viable” when it has the potential to survive outside the womb. This kit will help you to stop it.

This kit contains

1 Bottle of Abeta Care
1 Bottle of Forever B12 PLUS
1 Bottle of Royal Jelly

Pricing for Fertility Boost Kit

The Price of each KIT is as listed above and using our nationwide Pay on delivery feature, you can get to have it delivered straight to your house address.

HOW TO ORDER [free shipping nationwide].

So here is what you should do for those that are interested.

Follow the process above on how to place your order and have your kit delivered to your house. 24/48 hours delivery in Lagos. 2-8 Days outside Lagos

Can’t wait to help you prepare yourself to for the next pregnancy.