Money is good. Money makes life easier. Money gets jobs done faster. Goals are attained quicker with money. Life can be more beautiful with money. Money gives the ambiance of dignity. Money is not the root of all evil as many think. Money gives relevance, therefore, Make Money For Relevance this year.

If you have all the money you need to take care of everything you need to do in 2017, I am sure fulfilling your dreams and attaining your 2017 goals will be a walk-over. You will work hard and work smart by doing the most important things that only you can do while every other thing that you can pay others for will be outsourced. This will save you energy and time to laser focus on perfection for optimal results.

My Personal Definition Of Success

You can achieve success, no matter the state or country you come from or live in. Me and my friends are a living proof that the same universal laws govern success wherever you are.

  • Success for me included my children living better than they already were.
  • I wished I had to give every time I saw a child out of school because of school fees, every time I saw a hungry mother by the roadside with her children, every time I saw a child bare feet walking the street, or even when my own son occasionally asked me for what I termed “luxuries”.
  • I longed to express my love for my parents or my wife better by buying something spectacular whenever I wanted.
  • I needed a car so bad because I see my wife carrying our baby on her back and holding my young son by the hand while trying to get around. She never complains but I know it stresses her out.


I wasn’t poor, but I needed, wanted, wished, longed and prayed for a better life and I knew I had to make money to make some level of difference. I had to make money for relevance.

My Recession Proof Breakthrough Story

Last Year October 2016, I got my much-needed breakthrough.

I started a business with a capital of #200,000 (about $635, which by the way was a timely gift) in the least selling niche possible and after studying and immediately applying some sales strategies, I made #339,000 ($1,075) in my first week which gave me a profit of #139,000 ($440) and my full capital back. I quickly overturned and kept overturning both capital and profit every week.

By the end of the second month, I made #3.8 million ($12,065) altogether out of which my profit was #1,870,000 ($5,935).

By the 3rd month, I had hired three staffs for better productivity and output. By this January 2017, the workers have increased to 6 and guess what! I am still hiring.

So, how did I get here from still scratching the surface to this output in just 3months?

As I write, every puzzle is coming together. Feats are becoming more and more possible. Giving wishes are getting real expressions. I can begin to afford the needful and some luxuries, even if I don’t do it at the present because I want to be frugal, it’s not looking like a long-term achievement anymore. It’s in sight. I can literally touch it. I did make money for relevance.

Therefore, to the son who knows life can be better, to the mother  who longs for a little more comfort for her children and loved ones, to the father who is desperately in need of a breakthrough to cater for his family, to the youth who needs money in creating his future:

Strive To Make Money For Relevance and to achieve more In 2017.

So, how was I able to break through when the recession had started eating out businesses and choking dreams?  I took three simple steps that are easy to implement. Find them here.

Digest those steps, seize the opportunities around and surprise even yourself with results you only daydreamed about. Make Money For Relevance in 2017.


See You at The Top

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